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Spiritual MINT and Self Care LLC

🧲💸🙌🏽 🧿Rich B**ch Energy🪬 💸🙌🏽🧲

🧲💸🙌🏽 🧿Rich B**ch Energy🪬 💸🙌🏽🧲

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This magical Intention candle is infused with 6 different types of herbs that are used to

1.🪬Reverse & remove the evil eye on your finances  2. Drive out unwanted negative energies that were placed on your finances preventing you from becoming the rich b*tch you know you were born to be! 

3.💸 Brings instant good luck & handles any financial matters with speed

4. 💸🪬 Instant protection over your personal properties, assets, & investments

5. 🕯🌄 Raise your vibration to the energy of happiness, joy & gratitude! It also gets rid of any worries you have reguarding finances & heals past regrets or mistakes you made financially!

6. 💸💲💴 Become a consistent magnet for money & attract back to back money making opportunities


🧲 Attract larger quantities of money! 💎💰 🤑 💸 💲💴💷💸💳  

🧲 Pay off debt less than a year

🧲 Start a buisness & have it take off faster financially

🧲 Those seeking to expand your current business & attract higher spending customers or clients

🧲 Speedup money that's already headed your way that seems to be stuck in the matrix 

🧲 Get someone to pay you back that owes you a large sum of money

🧲 Reverse any financial curses that were placed on you! 

💸🧲Ensures you reach any LARGE financial goal you set with the universe! (Must Set a large financial goal ( write down your goal and the date you want to achieve it by) in the next 6-12 months! Place goal underneath candle for 1 week & then place under pillow until the next full moon, & then burn it in this candle! 

🧲This will also lift & remove any Evil Eye energy off of your finances that was placed on you by a jealous family member, close friend, spouse, social media followers or an associate & return it back to sender! Instant return of financial luck after lighting! (May need an evil eye candle 🕯 if you tend to always have good luck financially & randomly started to have bad luck or feel like an energetic block in your finances! 🧿🪬 Black sheep tend to attract a lot of evil eyes unintentionally and Intentionally, especially if they are business owners, seen as the generational curse breaker of the family, or extremely attractive! The evil eye can affect your friendships, love life, mental health, fiances, luck & health! It's necessary to light and use your evil eye candle once or twice a week to prevent the evil eye from entering your life! I've recently learned that once a month is not good enough! The evil eye is never permanently lifted so adding a protective ritual into your self care routine is necessary to keep yourself in alignment! Its also necessary to cleanse your social media list, block those who you feel negative energy from & don't second guess your intuition! 🪬🧿💸 

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