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Spiritual MINT and Self Care LLC

Magical Intention Narcissist Repellent Candle

Magical Intention Narcissist Repellent Candle

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Sick of attracting people who play mind games, lack empathy, play with your emotions, suck your energy dry & then have the nerve to call you crazy? Burn this candle to ward off and protect yourself from a**holes like this! 

Infused with St John's Wort herb to amplify the protective energy field and ward off negative spirits and people! Also helps you detach or disconnect from a Narcissist that you may already be in love with and can't leave! 

Topped with a black tourmaline to protect the person holding it from people with rage and anger And 2 evil eye symbols to help you spot a Narcissist miles away and prevent you from falling for one or befriending one! 🧿

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